The end of the country.  The furthest point north in the British Isles.  Actually the small rocky
outcrop called outstack is slightly further North but Muckle Flugga is generally regarded as the top of The British Isles.  Now you know.  A great answer for quizzes!

Two beaches for the price of one.  To get here you have to park and walk down this cart track.

Photos courtesy of Promote Shetland


Up Helly!  Europe's largest fire festival held in the Shetlands on the last Tuesday of every January.  The Wednesday is a public holiday to allow for recovery.  The festival consists of a torch lit procession culminating in the burning of a galley.  After this there are performances and dancing all over the Islands.

The Swan in Lerwick.  Lerwick is the capital of the Shetlands.  It is where the ferry from Scotland arrives at about 8 a.m.  Nothing is open at this time so, if you want tea or coffee try The Seaman's Mission.  Very friendly and good value.

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